VoteTrust: Leveraging Friend Invitation Graph to Defend against Social Network Sybils

Online social networks (OSNs) suffer from the creation of fake accounts that introduce fake product reviews, malware and spam. Existing defenses focus on using the social graph structure to isolate fakes. However, our work shows that Sybils could befriend a large number of real users, invalidating the assumption behind social-graph-based detection. In this paper, we present VoteTrust, a scalable defense system that further leverages user-level activities.

VoteTrust models the friend invitation interactions among users as a directed, signed graph, and uses two key mechanisms to detect Sybils over the graph: a voting-based Sybil detection to find Sybils that users vote to reject, and a Sybil community detection to find other colluding Sybils around identified Sybils. Through evaluating on Renren social network, we show that VoteTrust is able to prevent Sybils from generating many unsolicited friend requests. We also deploy VoteTrust in Renen, and our real experience demonstrates that VoteTrust can detect large-scale collusion among Sybils.