OMNET++ NETWORK PROJECTS is a discrete event network simulator to create model with various network. We ensure OMNET++ as distributed system to make module in simulation environment. We offer M.E network project OMNET++ ensure support to complete final year projects in network environment. We establish all communication, vanet; network, SDN and body area network projects for students are simulated under OMNET++ environment. We perform OMNET++ simulation to verify various algorithm and protocols.


Communication projects in OMNET++:

We developed more than 100+ projects in communication under OMNET++ simulation. We listed some OMNET++ simulation project environment are:

  • Design various hardware distributed system.
  • Protocol design and verification.
  • Support wired and wireless communication design.
  • Multiprocessor system model.

Vanet network goal:

  • Communication done by sensor vehicle to reach end point.
  • Eliminate regular network disconnection.
  • Based on condition in network, node can act as server/client.
  • Provide inter communication among node to prevent from accident.

OMNET++ library:

We provide OMNET++ simulation to monitor network process and compute interaction among every node with real world application we listed some simulation class libraries are:

Provide library class for static & dynamic estimations.
  • Accurate result classes.
  • Channel, module, gate parameter.
  • Reflection support for C++.
  • Data collection with classes.
  • Container class.
  • Transient detection.
  • Accuracy detection.
MIXIM hide complexity simulation and provide convenient user interface MIXIM formed by various module libraries are:
  • Libraries for channel simulator.
  • Mobile node framework.
  • MAC simulator library.
  • Mobility framework.

OMNET++ ensures graphical user interface (GUI) and major advantage to deploy various communication based application in OMNET++ environment. We offer communication projects like WI-MAX, WI-FI and ZigBee based application are developed under OMNET++ environment from Elsevier paper.

MIXIM projects:

We implement MIXIM framework which is extended from OMNET++ simulation environment. We provide support to simulate wireless, wired and communication based network. We ensure MIXIM framework as strong tool to facilitate & convey message in wireless networks.

Vehicular Adhoc network based projects:

We evolve vehicular Adhoc network as bench mark technology in Adhoc network. We ensure vehicular network communication to organize between road side units and discharge interference as noise, signal & people. We provide vanet which consider every vehicle into wireless network router & node. Transmission of one node to another node is performed to monitor & avoid collision in vanet communication.

Wireless sensor network and platform:

We simulate wireless sensor network under OMNET++ framework which is determined by sensim framework. We categorize wireless sensor network framework as:

Inet framework:

Inet framework modules are given by 802.11 and ppp (point to point protocol).

Mobility framework:

Ensure strength to node mobility connection and wireless medium as dynamic medium we give modules by 802.11 and CSMA (carrier sense multiple access).