NETWORK SECURITY PROJECTS IN OMNET++ is a specialize field in computer networks which is used to protect network device from various attacks. We offer Network security projects in OMNET++ to eliminate network attacks by providing new algorithm & security protocol for final year projects. We introduce network attack framework to simulate various behavior in heterogonous network by OMNET++. By using OMNET++ we are developing more than 95+ projects in network security to estimate damage, impact, network attack and threats. We use Network Attack (NETA) a framework in OMNET++ to simulate all security based projects in network for research scholars.


Need of network security:

We mentioned requirement of network security are:

  • Provide authentication & access control for resources.
  • Protect vital information.
  • Guaranteed resource availability.

General objective of security:

The objectives are:

  • Identification.
  • Authentication.
  • Access control.


We provide identification known as something which uniquely identify user called used id. Sometime user can select their id as long as given to another user. So, user id is a combination of user name, user socket number and user number.


We ensure authentication a process of verifying user identity. Authentication process functioned based on password, smart card, disk, other device and key. We also provide verification with finger print and voice & retinal schemes.

Access control:

We use access control a security feature which control & access resources in operating system.

Wireless security protocol:

We implement wireless security by IEEE 80.11 for MS students with interoperable implementation called as WI-FI protected areas. We provide wireless application protocol to ensure wireless phones & other wireless device access telephone & information service include internet applications. We establish WAP security by wireless transport layer security. It ensures security among mobile device & WAP gateway to internet.

Infrastructure attacks in network:

We handle various attacks in network security from science direct papers. Infrastructure attacks are created by connecting network to range modern which attached to computer. We determine weakness in network transportation mechanism like transmission control protocol (TCP) & internet protocol (IP) create attack in network. Network flooding with too many request create denial of service attack in network. We install network analyzer on network which capture all packet traveled along network & reveal confidential information in clear text.

Firewalls for reducing attacks:

We provide firewall as computer, hardware or even piece of software which placed among network & internet. We attempt firewall to regulate & control the information flow preventing a potential attack array. We use router firewall to prevent data from IP spoofing & monitor packet forwarding by network routers. We adopt single host firewall to employ single packet filtering. We divide network into two single networks and one is protected by firewall.