OMNeT++ Castalia is a Wireless Sensor Network simulator.OMNeT++ Castalia built at the Networks and Pervasive Computing program of National ICT Australia.OMNeT++ Castalia supports realistic channel and radio models, a key element for accurate early-phase WSN simulation. OMNeT++ Castalia provides support for defining versatile physical processes.OMNeT++ Castalia also supports enhanced modeling of the sensing devices and other often-neglected attributes of a WSN such as node clock drift.

OMNeT++ CASTALIA Simulation Projects

Download Sample Source Code for OMNeT++ CASTALIA

This is the code for wireless channel.

[code lang="js"]
double pathLossExponent = default (2.4);
double PLd0 = default (55);
double d0 = default (1.0);
double sigma = default (4.0);
SN.wirelessChannel.sigma = 0
SN.wirelessChannel.bidirectionalSigma = 0