Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Simulation Projects

Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Simulation Projects is a discrete event open architecture network simulation framework. Main Development of OMNET++ to produce energetic open source discrete event simulation tool. We offer PhD Thesis in OMNET++ to implement new ideas in network. We mainly develop PhD Thesis for PhD Research scholars. We develop OMNET++ under component oriented approach which promotes various structured and reusable models. We support OMNET++ with graphical user Interface and Intelligence.

Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Simulation Projects

Agent Based Traffic Simulators:

We develop two agent based traffic simulator in OMNET++ framework for B.Tech final year projects. The simulators are used to simulate VANET (Vehicular Ad hoc Network) based applications.

  • Multi Agent Transportation Simulation Toolkit.
  • Simulation of Urban Mobility.

Multi Agent Transportation Simulation Toolkit (MATSIM):

We use MATSIM which is a toolbox to implement large scale agent based transport simulation. It composed of various individual modules which can be combined or used separately. It permits traffic flow simulation and demand modeling to run various simulations.

Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO):

We implement SUMO which is a road traffic simulation package ensure possible to simulate traffic demand in large road networks. We implement three modules in SUMO are:


SUMO Read input information and process simulation by collecting results. We display SUMO Results by Graphical Interface called as SUMOGUI.


Command line applications give departure for source and destination. We compute routes by network itself using Dijkstra Algorithms.


It is a tool to make sumo networks with list of edges. It read input data, computes output for SUMO and finally write Result into various formats such as CSV, VISUM and XML. We create traffic light phases by NETCONVERT Package.

omnet++ vehicular network projects

omnet++ vehicular network projects

Network and Communication Based Simulations:

We used OMNET++ in more than 95+ projects with various network and applications. We also create communication based models by OMNET++ framework. We implement network routing protocol such as unicast, multicast, Ad hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AoDV), DSR (Dynamic Source routing), DSDV (Destination sequence Distance vector) and advance energy efficient Routing Protocols are evaluated by mobility framework in OMNET++.

We design and explain communication model such as half duplex, duplex and duplex by OMNET++ simulation model. We enhance multicast communication and multicast group maintenance for multimedia file sharing and transmission is checked and performed by OMNET++ simulation model. We provide live streaming and video conference application in OMNET++ multicast communication.

We simulate wired and wireless network. Wireless and mobile Ad hoc are simulated by OMNET++ Mobility framework. Every framework in OMNET++ permits different network concepts.

We simulate Vein Simulator by Ad hoc network which is a combined feature of SUMO and OMNET++ package tool which derived the concept from Elsevier papers. Vein ensure efficient  simulation environment for Ad hoc Network types and result are displayed under NED with GUI (Graphical User Interface).