OMNET++ WIRELESS COMMUNICATION PROJECTS is an efficient tool which runs under various interfaces such as command line interface for batch line execution and graphical user interface for debugging. We offer M.TECH OMNET++ project ensures flexible and generic environment to develop final year projects under simulation environment. We provide OMNET++ stands for objective modular network test bed in C++. We determine projects in OMNET++ coded in network description language and C++. We ensure NED definition for various modules such as network definition, module definition and channel definition.


Framework associated with OMNET++:

We implement OMNET++ with the mentioned framework are:

Simulate wireless sensor network by Castalia framework.

TCP/IP based wired & wireless network simulated by INET framework.

Recovery protocol & concurrency control simulated by acid sim tool framework.

Storage area network simulated by SIMSANS framework.

Simulation of control network by field bus framework.

Advantages of OMNET++:

We adopt following advantages in OMNET++ are:

Power consumption.

Trace & debug by dynamic graphical user interface.

Message communication by different layer protocols.

Contain mobility framework support MAC protocol for wireless sensor network simulation.

Ensure friendly & simple programming interface to develop new code.

Wireless sensor network:

We implement wireless sensor network composed of various nodes with sensing capacity and sensor node ensure communication by radio channels. We attain an important aid of sensor network is every node contain sensing capacity to detect physical variable in environment. We use sensor node to capture & collect data from environment & send to base station. We program sensor network node to monitor environment continuously.

Application of wireless sensor network:

We implemented wireless sensor network in more than 100+ projects under following applications are:

Landslide detection.

Water quality monitor.

Natural disaster prevention.

Forest fire detection.

Healthcare monitoring.

We provide OMNET++ as convenient environment to understand & execute simulation projects in an efficient way. We ensure wireless sensor projects in OMNET++ with own library function & graphical user interface tools for real time environment.

SUMO simulation for vanet:

We implement simulation of urban mobility (SUMO) an open source, multi mode traffic simulation package contain net import & demand modeling components. We use SUMO to investigate various research based projects in vanet for research scholars. SUMO simulator describe vanet environment with traffic module composed of roadways, intersections, junctions & traffic light network. It composed of various shares are:

Network file.

Route file.

Import map.

Configuration file.

Networks file generation.

Trip file.

Vehicular Adhoc network application:

We implement following application in vehicular Adhoc network from Springer papers.

Measurement & reduction of air pollution emission.

Broadband services.

Low enforcement.

Road safety applications.

Traffic coordination.

Traffic management & efficient application.

Software defined network:

We deploy software defined network by decoupling system which take decision about where traffic is sent & forward. We determine software defined network an open flow network create communication among control plane & data plane. We simulate open flow system in SDN by INET framework under OMNET++ with open flow aware switch communication.