Joint Resource Allocation for Throughput Enhancement in Cognitive Radio Femtocell Networks

In cognitive radio femtocell network (CRFN), secondary users (SUs) cooperatively sense a spectrum band to decide the presence of primary network. However, this sensing overhead generally degrades the throughput performance. The prior work, to resolve this problem, proposed algorithms either to decrease the time spent in sensing or to decrease the number of SUs participating in sensing. In this paper, we propose a joint resource allocation (RA) strategy considering the time and energy consumed for spectrum sensing to maximize the throughput while satisfying the target detection performance in CRFN.

Furthermore, to reduce the resources used in spectrum sensing additionally, we also adopt the right censored order statistics based cooperative spectrum sensing scheme, which produces the criterion for deciding the set of reporting SUs. By so jointly designing the time and energy for sensing, the proposed joint RA scheme provides the improvement of spectral efficiency. Through simulation results, it is shown that the proposed joint RA scheme exhibits the enhanced performance over the conventional ones in terms of total throughput of secondary networks.