Design of an automotive safety system using Controller Area Network

Most of the people are using vehicles which have become the most important part in our life for comfort transportation. In existing system the main snags are cost as well as the first one are glaring effect accidents due to opposite vehicle headlight illumination at night time driving. Second one is the short circuit fault in automotive wiring. Third one is to perceive the gas leakage fire accidents. And the fourth one is faults due to temperature of automotive engine location. The proposed system has two modules Master and Slave, they are communicating through Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol.

The Master module has gas leakage detection with protection and temperature monitoring function. The Slave module has Automatic Front Headlight Adjustment system (AFHAS) and short circuit fault line indication function. The hardware has been developed in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) with SMD (Surface Mount Device) components and the hardware uses double layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design to optimize the space requirement and power consumption. The proposed system will be in cost effective safety system, reliability, and hardware will be small in size.