Wireless Body Area Network with Cloud Projects

    Wireless Body Area Network with Cloud Projects is intelligently developed by our technically expertise developing team. This research area is supported for different applications as healthcare, military, education and entertainments. In healthcare telemedicine plays a significant role in Wireless Body area Network with Cloud Projects.

Some recent research works undergone in telemedicine are,

  • Online based interactive consultation
  • Transmission of sensitive health reports
  • Perform teleconference between doctors and patients
  • Remote consultation of patient with doctors over online
  • Diagnosing vital signs
  • Data acquisition
  • Load controllability
  • Unobtrusive ambulatory health monitoring

   Wireless Body Area Network involves in other significant process and cloud supports with services as medical emergency, ambulance services, immediate precautions, cardiologists, caretakers, etc. Usually the sensed signs from patients are classified as three different traffics in Wireless Body Area Network. The three traffics are On–Demand traffic, Normal traffic and Emergency traffic. According the type of traffic, further decision is taken in cloud regarding the providence of services. Wireless Body Area Network with Cloud Projects is a widespread research area that is applied for various processes which is studied by academic students.

  Our research teams have aggregated a few latest topics in Wireless Body Area Network with Cloud Projects,

  • Design function of Robust low-profile electromagnetic band-gap-based on textile wearable antennas used for medical application system
  • A new-fangled practice of Software-Defined Ultrasonic Networking construction for Wearable Devices method
  • An inventive practice for Channel-Aware Polling-Based on MAC Protocol intended for Body Area Networks [Wireless-Body-Area Network-with-Cloud-Projects]
  • A novel function for adaptive error correction via QoS-HARQ to dependable implant body area network system
  • A competent Performance of ETSI SmartBAN system into interfered IEEE 802.15.6 channel scheme
  • The new-fangled process On Generation based by Correlated Short- and Long-Term Fading meant for Multiple BANs system
  • Scheming practice for Wearable Button Antenna based on Dual-Band WLAN Applications by Combined on and off-Body Radiation Patterns
  • A New practice for Antenna De-embedding into WBAN Channel Modeling via Spherical Wave purpose
  • A modern process of Load balancing and position based on adaptive clustering scheme used for effective data communication into WBAN healthcare monitoring systems
  • An investigation process based on Wireless Body Sensor Network routing protocol classification
  • An imaginative process of Approximate Zero IF FM-UWB Receiver used for High Density Wireless Sensor Networks [Wireless-Body-Area Network-with-Cloud-Projects]
  • A competent function of Bioacoustics-Based on Human-Body-Mediated Communication system
  • An innovative procedure of COIN based on Opening to Internet of Things interested in People’s Mobile Devices system
  • A new source for Experimental-Based on Analysis of Inter-BAN Co-Channel Interference via the κμ Fading Model
  • A successful investigational practice for Evaluation of precipitate Ultrasonic Intra-Body Communications meant for Implantable Biomedical Devices system