Wireless Body Area Network Projects

       Wireless Body Area Network Projects are developed for students especially doing their final year courses in B.E/B.Tech and M.E/ M.Tech. A human is equipped with body sensors either on the body or inside the skin by which the data are collected via wireless communication channel. The entire communication in this network creates Wireless Body Area Network.

Communication in WBAN requires routing protocols such as,

  • Temperature based routing protocols
  • Probabilistic based routing protocols
  • Cluster based routing protocols
  • Cross layer based routing protocols

       Wireless Body Area Network Projects also focuses on energy efficient routing, delay aware routing and position based routing. Wireless Body Area Network is designed with intelligent sensors, gateway and a centralized control unit. This type of network is supported for multi-users and hence routing plays a major role.

Wireless Body Area Network Projects are also integrated with other areas as,

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Defined Network
  • Cognitive Radios
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Wireless Personal Area Network
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Self–Organized Networks

     In-depth study in the area of wireless communication is provided by our well-versed technical research team. We have depicted with some of the latest concepts involved in Wireless Body Area Network Projects,

  • On the use of variable duty cycle integrating DDR receiver for Adaptive interference rejection into Human Body Communication system
  • An effective process of Dynamic Channel Allocation Protocol used for Medical Environment under Multiple Base Stations [Wireless-Body- Area-Network-Projects]
  • A competent mechanism for Block sparsity-based on joint compressed sensing recovery of multi-channel ECG signals
  • A modern function of Wearable antenna by means of tripolarization capability system
  • The fresh function of Energy Harvesting designed for Self-Sustainable Wireless Body Area Networks
  • An imaginative method for Low Traffic Overhead Transmission Power Control intended for Wireless Body Area Networks
  • A creative function of WiFi-ZigBee Coexistence Based on Collision Avoidance for Wireless Body Area Network
  • The new practice for Measurement-Based on Characterizations of On-Body Channel into Human Walking Scenario system
  • A novel practice of Data Packet Transmission through Fat Tissue for Wireless Intra-Body Networks
  • A new technology of Emergency data handling medium access control protocol for wireless body area network
  • An effective mechanism for Wireless body area network development in favor of remote patient health observing
  • A modern process of Advanced Reconfigurable 5G Architectures designed for Human Bond Communication
  • A development function of comparative study based on MAC protocols in brain-computer interface (BCI) applications [Wireless-Body-Area Network-Projects]
  • The fresh mechanism for Energy-Efficient and Distributed Network Management Cost Minimization in Opportunistic Wireless Body Area Networks
  • A competent process of Secure and Energy-Efficient Data Transmission System Based on Chaotic Compressive Sensing in Body-to-Body Networks