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Engineering Parallel Algorithms for Community Detection in Massive Networks

The amount of graph-structured data has recently experienced an enormous growth in many applications. To transform such data into useful information, fast analytics algorithms and software tools are necessary. One common graph analytics kernel is disjoint community detection (or graph clustering). Despite extensive research on heuristic solvers for this task, only few parallel codes exist, […]

Countermeasure for Reinforcement Swap Attack against Directed Diffusion in Wireless Sensor Networks

Directed Diffusion is a data centric protocol that focuses on the energy efficiency of the networks. It is interest based routing protocol in which communication occur hop-to-hop rather than end-to-end in wireless sensor networks. Hop-to-hop communication provides link diversity which helps to overcome obstacles like failure of intermediate node on communication path. Directed Diffusion protocol […]

Design of an automotive safety system using Controller Area Network

Most of the people are using vehicles which have become the most important part in our life for comfort transportation. In existing system the main snags are cost as well as the first one are glaring effect accidents due to opposite vehicle headlight illumination at night time driving. Second one is the short circuit fault […]

Maximum power point tracking for a photovoltaic water pumping system with sliding mode control and fuzzy wavelet networkMaximum power point tracking for a photovoltaic network

This paper presents a maximum power point tracking method (MPPT) that combines fuzzy wavelet network with sliding mode control for a photovoltaic pumping system. For the best use, the photovoltaic (PV) generator must operate at its maximum power point (MPP). SMC uses a high switching gain to cover the neglected uncertainties in the system model. […]