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BaProbSDN: A probabilistic-based QoS routing mechanism for Software Defined Networks

Over the past decade there has been an exponential increase in the Internet traffic especially with the proliferation of cloud computing and other distributed data services. This explosion of data traffic with its dynamically changing traffic patterns and flows might result in degradation of the network performance. In this context, there is a need for […]

Joint Resource Allocation for Throughput Enhancement in Cognitive Radio Femtocell Networks

In cognitive radio femtocell network (CRFN), secondary users (SUs) cooperatively sense a spectrum band to decide the presence of primary network. However, this sensing overhead generally degrades the throughput performance. The prior work, to resolve this problem, proposed algorithms either to decrease the time spent in sensing or to decrease the number of SUs participating […]

Robust Synchronization of Multiple Memristive Neural Networks With Uncertain Parameters via Nonlinear Coupling

This paper is concerned with the global robust synchronization of multiple memristive neural networks (MMNNs) with nonidentical uncertain parameters. A coupling scheme is introduced, in a general topological structure described by a direct or undirect graph, with a linear diffusive term and a discontinuous sign term. First, a set of sufficient conditions are derived based […]

The SDN/NFV Cloud Computing platform and transport network of the ADRENALINE testbed

This work extends NFV paradigm to transport networks, known as Transport NFV. This paper presents a detailed overview of the SDN/NFV services that are offered on top of the Cloud Computing platform and transport network of the ADRENALINE Testbed. On the one hand, we propose a generic architecture for SDN/NFV services deployed over multi-domain transport […]