QoS-based WebRTC access to an EPS network infrastructure

This paper describes a method to support QoS using WebRTC-based Clients integrated in mobile devices conformed to 3GPP Rel. 8 Public Land Mobile Network infrastructure. To enrich the experience for mobile customers using this upcoming technology, the article focuses on the merging of the technical capabilities arising from both the Evolved Packet System inherent QoS mechanisms and the WebRTC specific session establishment procedures.

Advantages of these different technologies are introduced and involved in the authors’ concept. The presented proposal reuses the 3GPP-based EPS network infrastructure and the IMS-based WebRTC client access architecture as well as a state of the art WebRTC browser client. The ongoing WebRTC standardisation process is considered. A first prototype for session signalling has been successfully developed involving an OpenIMSCore testbed, an EPC infrastructure as well as a typical WebRTC client.