QOF: QoS Framework Based on OpenFlow

The growing emergence of a variety of network applications have stringent Quality of Service (QoS) requirements which cannot be always met by the best-effort Internet. To provide QoS, several QoS frameworks have been explored over last two decades, but none of them has been truly successful and globally implemented. This paper proposes QOF, a novel QoS framework based on the OpenFlow. It uses the superior control capabilities of OpenFlow network to transmit business having QoS requirements.

On receiving QoS requirements of an application, QOF employs network status information provided by the measurement system (bandwidth, delay, packet loss), then uses QoS routing algorithm implemented by path computation module to guarantee QoS. Finally, QOF is simulated and verified, simulation results show that QOF can find a path satisfying QoS requirements of application according to network status information, and can improve resource usage.