Multiple Input Multiple Output Thesis

    Multiple Input Multiple Output Thesis is a work handle majorly for research scholars who analyses a particular research area. Thesis is built after completion of publishing articles in journals. The structure of thesis is listed in the following,

Index Page

     These pages majorly include abstract, thesis title, abbreviations and table of contents.

Beginning of Thesis

  • Introduction – A detailed background is studied with conventional architectures and objectives, motivation is provided in this section.
  • Literature Review – In-depth survey is held to descript previous research works and shoot out the problems existed in it. Nearly 40+ research paper concepts are discussed.

Middle of Thesis

  • Proposed Solutions – This section provides all about the proposed methodologies, algorithms or techniques. Significance of this work will be highlighted using flow charts, pseudo codes and figures.
  • Experimental analysis – Implementation result is conferred to evaluate the better efficiencies with respect to previous research works. Graphical evidences are presented in comparative analysis.

End of Thesis

  • Conclusion – In this section the thesis is concluded by extending towards its future directions.
  • References – All the cited references are given in standard format.
  • Appendix (Optional)

Some latest titles in Multiple Input Multiple Output Thesis,

  • A new practice also for Sparsity-aided iterative receiver designed for large scale under-determined MIMO systems
  • An innovative performance also for low-profile metamaterial magneto-electric dipole antenna through band-notch characteristics on behalf of 5-G MIMO base-stations system
  • The novel practice also for outage capacity into massive MIMO by line-of-sight scheme [Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output-Thesis]
  • An innovative practice for decoupling method in favor of closely MIMO antennas by use a short stub system
  • An ingenious process of computationally efficient algorithm derived from downlink multiuser MIMO systems maximizing also a sum-rate method
  • A new function of Design method based on chassis MIMO antenna via characteristic mode theory system
  • An innovative system also for Robust secure goodput used for massive MIMO with optical fiber wiretap channels method
  • A competent performance also for Machine learning based on channel mock-up in support of molecular MIMO communications system
  • An effective function of compact two-port tunable dual-band spiral antenna designed also for MIMO terminals scheme
  • An innovative Performance also for assessment of TDD-SVD-MIMO scheme with feedback delays system
  • A new learning of antenna selection methods also into distributed uplink function of MU-MIMO method
  • An effective function of Monopole decagon fractal patch resonator also by defected ground plane designed for WLAN MIMO antenna system
  • An ingenious method also for Energy efficiency optimization designed for cell-free massive MIMO scheme
  • An effective function of Uplink supportive number for users into massive MIMO scheme [Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output-Thesis]
  • A new technology also for Massive MIMO pilot distortion attack with zero-startup-cost detection based on Analysis and experiments system