Mobile Edge Computing Projects

    Mobile Edge Computing Projects are interestingly perform by students of B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech under different major departments. In Mobile Edge Computing is applicable to sustain more number of servers which is supported for handling network traffic. Here all the participating users are portable devices; therefore mobility is one of the challenging issue. Frequent connectivity change occurs in this domain which needs more concentration on delay, bandwidth, jitter and others. The major objectives and applications of this Mobile Edge Computing is pointed out in the following

Objectives of Mobile Edge Computing:

  • Reducing Latency
  • Optimized Energy Consumption
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increased Throughput
  • Good Quality of Service
  • Optimal use of radio resources
  • Computational efficiency
  • Optimization of computational resources

Applications of Mobile Edge Computing:

  • Collaborative Computing
  • Data storage
  • User Equipment Handover
  • Content Delivery
  • Web Content Optimization
  • Computational Offloading
  • Content Delivery

   Final year project helps you to identify your own eligibility and explore your academic knowledge. Other requirements as presentations and documentations are provided to you as per your need. We offer development of this Mobile Edge Computing in different implementation tools.

  For more ideas in Mobile Edge Computing Projects, have a look over the following topics that are recently found in reputed research papers,

  • The new process TARCO function based on Two-Stage Auction also for D2D Relay Aided Computation Resource Allocation in HetNet
  • A Novel technology for Adaptive UAV-Mounted Cloudlet-Aided Recommendation System intended also for LBSNs [Mobile-Edge-Computing Projects]
  • An inventive process of Multi-Objective Decision-Making designed also for Mobile Cloud Offloading system
  • Design and develop practice also for Cost-Efficient NFV-Enabled Mobile Edge-Cloud used for Low Latency Mobile Applications system
  • The proficient process of Harmless, Secure Executions at Network Edge based on Coordinating Cloud, Edge, as well as also Fog Computing system
  • A new practice for Joint Offloading and Computing Optimization into Wireless Powered MEC Systems
  • An innovative process for Responsive Content-Centric Delivery into Large Urban Communication Networks also based on a LinkNYC Use-Case method
  • The new-fangled MaaS function constructed on A D2D-Based Information Centric Network Planning used also for Edge-Controlled Content Distribution system
  • An effective process of Edge of Things based on Big Picture Integration of Edge, IoT and also Cloud into a Distributed Computing Environment scheme
  • A efficient function of Multiobjective Optimization designed also for Computation Offloading into Fog Computing system
  • A novel technology for Assessment on the Edge Computing aimed at Internet of Things system
  • An inventive mechanism also for Load Aware Joint CoMP Clustering and Inter-Cell Resource Scheduling into Heterogeneous Ultra Dense Cellular Networks scheme
  • An innovative function of Optimal Code Partitioning also in excess of Time besides on Hierarchical Cloudlets scheme [Mobile-Edge-Computing Projects]
  • The fresh process of Computing designed also for Connected Vehicles, Caching, and Integrated Networking based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Method
  • A renewed function of Video Transcoding, Caching, and also Multicast used for Heterogeneous Networks over Wireless Network Virtualization scheme