Mobile Agent System Thesis

    Mobile Agent System Thesis is constructed for the candidates present on the edge of academic degree completion. Thesis can be modeled as a complete study held over the academy that includes innovative ideas and solutions. Mobile Agent System can be applied for different applications as: Information retrieval, Programmed networks, distributed systems and others. Mobile Agent System deals many number of mobile agents that are enabled with the following features,

  • Mobility
  • Goal driven
  • Autonomous
  • Learning capability
  • Cleverness
  • Perceiving
  • Interactive

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   We list out some important concepts in Mobile Agent System Thesis,

  • An effective mechanism also for Analysis of Geographic DTN Routing under Random Walk Mobility Model practice [Mobile-Agent-System Thesis]
  • A contemporary function for Modeling and also Simulating Internet-of-Things Systems based on a Hybrid Agent-Oriented Method
  • The novel mechanism for Migration-based on Dynamic and Practical Virtual Streaming Agent Placement used also for Mobile Adaptive Live Streaming
  • A competent practice for Computational resources designed for mobile E-wallet system with observers
  • An effective practice also for Flow control into wireless networked control systems based on a dead-beat disturbance observer method
  • An operative function of Wireless noise prevention used for mobile agents into smart home system
  • A new source progression also for Hybrid agent based on algorithm on behalf of an efficient RFID-based health information system
  • An innovative performance for Autonomous lane keeping also based on approximate Q-learning system
  • The novel methodology function of Multi-agent Parallel Approach into Analyzing Large Climate Data Sets system
  • On the use of Parsing Agents as also a Service aimed at Data Privacy scheme
  • An inventive process of Complete Visibility designed also for Mobile Agents by Lights Tolerating a Faulty Agent system
  • A new process of Modeling and control also for mobile platform with flatness-fuzzy based on approach by gains adjustment system
  • A competent performance also for Consensus-based on approach and reactive fuzzy navigation used for multiple no-holonomic mobile robots
  • An innovative mechanism also for CARE function based on an IoT founded system for passenger service and comfort in railways scheme
  • A design and development process of Nonsmooth Barrier Functions also with Applications into Multi-Robot Systems [Mobile-Agent-System Thesis]
  • The novel technique function of Event-driven Trajectory Optimization used also for Data Harvesting in Multi-Agent Systems