LTE Thesis

    LTE Thesis is done by students and scholars who are interest over telecommunication research area. It is a standard that has been defined in recent years to achieve high speed wireless communication over smart devices. LTE is aimed to minimize complexity, ignore unnecessary handover, increase data rate, connectivity and maximize Quality of Service.

Implementation of LTE in Network Simulator 3 includes the following modules,

  • core-module.h
  • network-module.h
  • lte-module.h
  • mobility-module.h

   Similarly each implementation tool involved with significant modules to build LTE and obtain its performance results. Undergoing a LTE Thesis also requires good knowledge over the software and hardware specification that are used for your work.

LTE Thesis is developed for any of the following concepts,

  • Routing
  • Clustering
  • Handover
  • Resource allocation
  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Attacks detection and prevention
  • Packet scheduling

    Several processes are implemented in LTE, which is elaborated in LTE Thesis that includes all the required definitions and mathematical results. A qualified thesis is provided to you with zero plagiarism. Our technically experienced team is capable with technical knowledge and language knowledge. We have nearly 500+ journal members, due to our work perfection in thesis and projects.

Let us give you a list of topics under LTE Thesis,

  • An effectual function of LTE-A Virtual Drive Testing intended also for Vehicular Environments system
  • An inventive process of Localization-based on resource selection schemes designed also for network-controlled LTE-V2V system
  • The fresh practice based on Analysis of probability-time characteristics of LTE dynamic MAC-protocol system
  • An inventive function of UEFA-M for Utility-based energy efficient adaptive multimedia mechanism over LTE HetNet small cells system
  • An innovative mechanism also for SVM based on sub-band CQI feedback compression scheme used for 3GPP LTE systems [LTE-Thesis]
  • A proficient function of Wireless Fronthaul (EWF) Method designed also for LTE Signal Transmission system
  • An effective process of Rushing Full Speed also by LTE-Advanced in Economical scheme
  • A novel technique for Performance Analysis of Voice over LTE via Low-Complexity eMTC Devices systems
  • The new progression of Delay-Aware LTE WLAN Aggregation used also for 5G Unlicensed Spectrum Usage system
  • An efficient performance for Interleaved Resource Mapping used also for Autonomous Device-to-Device Discovery in Public Safety LTE system
  • The new technology of MDL-MUSIC joint time delay estimation method used also for LTE PRS
  • A new process of SVM-Based also on Wireless Channel Classification intended meant for Adaptive AFC in LTE Downlink
  • A required performance of a Non-Codebook also Based on MU-MIMO System used for TDD LTE-Advanced system
  • A novel technology of QoE-Oriented Resource Allocation designed also for DASH-Based on Video Transmission over LTE Systems [LTE-Thesis]
  • On the use of MTV based on Mobile Bit Torrent Video Sharing via Harmonized LTE and also WiFi Coexistence system