LTE SON Thesis

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In the following we have listed out some significant LTE SON Thesis titles,

  • A competent Learning-Based process also for Uplink Interference Management into 4G LTE Cellular Systems
  • An effective mechanism for Broadband MIMO Antenna meant also for Modern Metal Mobile Phone scheme [LTE-SON-Thesis]
  • An efficient design function of MIMO Handset Antenna also for Mobile Data Communication system
  • On the use of Session Control Mechanism based on VoLTESecurity Threats and Countermeasure Framesystem
  • A new technique based on Wideband mobile MIMO antenna for metal cover phone
  • An imaginative method also for Compatibility between LTE and airport surveillance radar in 2700–2900 MHz radar bands system
  • An efficient performance also for Self-Optimizing Load Balancing via Backhaul-Constrained Radio Access Networks
  • The new process of autonomous energy-saving mechanism also for self-organizing into LTE networks
  • An innovative usage of Network monitoring into LTE small cell environment system
  • The fresh method also for Location accuracy impact on cell outage detection into LTE-A networks
  • An imaginative impact of inter-site distance and also Time-to-Trigger based on Handover performance within LTE-A HetNets
  • An inventive process of Asymmetric Broadband Doherty Power Amplifier on the use of GaN MMIC also in favor of Femto-Cell Base-Station system
  • An inventive system of Concurrent cooperative games also used for coordinating SON functions into cognitive cellular networks [LTE-SON- Thesis]
  • The new function of Self-Organized Energy Efficient Scheduling also into LTE-A system
  • A fresh mechanism also for Self-optimizing based on strategies designed for dynamic vertical sectorization in LTE networks