Light Fidelity with 5G Thesis

     Light Fidelity with 5G Thesis is undergo by candidates pursuing M.Phil and P.hD in different areas. Utilization of wireless communication has become a recent trend all over the world. High speed data transmission is await among people to share information via internet. The introduce Light Fidelity is capable to achieve 100 times faster data transmission than the Wireless Fidelity. The components required to perform Light Fidelity communication are Lamp driver, Light Emitting Diode bulb and Photo detector. Hereby the improvements in communication field also supported the use of Light Fidelity in high speed rail networks.

A thesis in Light Fidelity can be focused on the following area,

  • Handover mechanism
  • Multiplexing schemes
  • Access point selection
  • Voice data transmission
  • Beam steering
  • Media content transmission
  • 5G millimeterWave beam forming
  • Localization techniques
  • Cyber security
  • Load balancing mechanisms
  • Resource allocation
  • Analyze downlink characteristics

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We provide some significant titles under Light Fidelity with 5G Thesis,

  • A fresh function of Low ICI Symbol Boundary Alignment also for 5G Numerology Design
  • A novel technology of An SDN-Based Video Multicast Orchestration Scheme for 5G Ultra-Dense Networks [Light-Fidelity-with-5G-Thesis]
  • A study process of Hypergraph Theory designed also for Applications in 5G Heterogeneous Ultra-Dense Networks
  • A novel technique based on 5G C-RAN also with Optical Fronthaul in Analysis from a Deployment Perspective system
  • An inventive method also for 5G accessibility optimization into high interference environments
  • An innovative performance also for Multi-hop links quality analysis of 5G enabled vehicular networks
  • The fresh mechanism towards also for fog-based on slice-defined WLAN infrastructures into cope with future 5G use cases
  • A framework Extensible method for elastic orchestration of service function chains into 5G networks
  • On the use of small cells designed also for enhancing 5G network facilities system
  • Design and develop function of Tri-Polarized 12-Antenna MIMO Array for Future 5G Smartphone Applications
  • A design framework function of Verification and also validation intended for 5G network services and apps
  • A development process of Millimeter-wave photonic tightly coupled array for 5G applications
  • An effective function of predictive handoff mechanism also for 5G ultra dense networks
  • The new practice of User’s velocity-based uplink power control in 5G femtocell networks [Light-Fidelity-with-5G-Thesis]
  • An inventive mechanism also for 10-bit active RF phase shifter for 5G wireless systems