Light Fidelity Projects

     Light Fidelity Projects are design by our expertise developing team for satisfying student’s requirements. A group of technically capable developers are appoint for developing emerging technology of Light Fidelity Projects. Light Fidelity is enabled with a new architecture design for connecting devices with internet. The presence of switching property in Light Emitting Diodes is supported for transmitting data.

Light Fidelity Projects are likely to be perform on any one of the tools,

  • Network Simulator 3
  • OMNeT++
  • Qualnet

      Also other tools and embedded kit design are supported for Light Fidelity Projects. Light Fidelity can be defined as light-based Wireless Fidelity. Light Fidelity is not able to penetrate into walls, since the data transmission is carried over via visible light frequencies. Light Fidelity supports point-to-multi-point communication and multi-point-to-point communication. Light fidelity delivers high speed data transmission and hence named as Bi-directional Fully Networked wireless communication. Your own ideas in this area is also assisted by our technical team, we have plenty of knowledgeable teams working for 24/7. We are glad to state that, we have 5000+ happy customers.

     In the following we have summarized with some significant topics involved in Light Fidelity Projects,

  • The new-fangled source also for Handover Procedure and Algorithm into Vehicle to Infrastructure Visible Light Communication system
  • A modern technique for Joint resource allocation and also caching placement based on network slicing into fog radio access networks [Light-Fidelity-Projects]
  • An inventive technology also for Encryption & decryption of text file and audio via LabVIEW
  • An effective performance also for Cryptographic key management methods intended for mission-critical wireless networks
  • A proficient process also for Fast algorithms based on capacitated cloudlet placements system
  • The pioneering performance also for FSL based on Fast system launch through persistent computing by nonvolatile memory
  • An effectual performance also for Hybrid Wavelength Switched-TDMA High Port Count All-Optical Data Centre Switch method
  • An inventive presentation also for Indoor TV White Space Resource Collecting and APs Locations Selecting Scheme
  • An efficient mechanism of Hybrid technique designed for Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform
  • A modern technologies and architectures also to enable SDN into converged 5G/optical access networks system
  • The new process of POTORI based on a passive optical top-of-rack interconnect structural design also for data centers
  • An efficient mechanism also for Secure multi-client data access by boolean queries into distributed key-value stores system
  • The ground breaking mechanism also for Access point assignment into hybrid LiFi and WiFi networks within consideration of LiFi channel blockage [Light-Fidelity-Projects]
  • An imaginative performance also for provenance-based on access control model in favor of securely storing data into cloud
  • The novel performance also for Fast generalized reduced gradient algorithm based on data reconciliation model