Dynamic Traffic Grooming in Sliceable Bandwidth-Variable Transponder-Enabled Elastic Optical Networks

Traffic grooming has evolved to present some new features in sliceable bandwidth-variable transponder enabled elastic optical networks (SBVT-EON). One of the new features is “optical traffic grooming,” in which multiple optical flows from/to different sources/destinations can be groomed onto a sliceable transponder. When establishing a new connection request in SBVT-EON, a key problem is how to coordinate electrical and optical traffic grooming. In this study, we propose a three-layered auxiliary graph (AG) model to address mixed-electrical-optical grooming under dynamic traffic scenario.

By adjusting the edge weights of AG, we can achieve various traffic-grooming policies for different purposes. Also, we propose two spectrum reservation schemes that can efficiently utilize the capacity of a transponder. We compare different traffic-grooming policies under two spectrum reservation schemes, and a tradeoff is shown to exist among the policies. We also evaluate their performances for different network topologies with different resource provisions.