Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for the Downlink of OFDMA-Based Hybrid Access in Cognitive Femtocell Networks

Cognitive femtocell has emerged as one of the exciting technologies to solve the indoor coverage problem in the future cellular networks. Recently, lots of technical issues for the cognitive femtocell have been studied, e.g., spectrum sharing, interference mitigation. However, the incentive method that is very important for practical hybrid access cognitive femtocell deployment has not been well investigated. In this paper, we propose a new dynamic spectrum allocation method for the hybrid access cognitive femtocell.

In the proposed method, the macro base station allocates a portion of subchannels to the femto access point (FAP) to spur the FAP to serve the macro users (MUs). Then, the FAP allocates the subchannels and power to maximize the femtocell network utility, while the throughput of the served MUs is guaranteed. Moreover, we formulate the corresponding resource allocation problem as a sum utility maximization problem, and propose an optimization method to solve it via the dual decomposition method. Simulation results show that both the wireless service provider and the femtocell could benefit from the proposed method.