CRN – Spectrum Management Projects

     CRN – Spectrum Management Projects are develop for students doing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees under different branches. These wealthy project areas are also concentrate by Research Scholars. Networking is the key of Communication, which has grown recently with several advancements to support users. This tends to increase number of users which leads the traditional network to cause Spectrum Scarcity. The problem of Spectrum scarcity is solve by this type of network called CRN.


  • Spectrum Mobility
  • Spectrum-Sharing
  • Spectrum Sensing
  • Spectrum-Management

    The Cognitive Radios are specially design to perform the above mention operations using various conventional algorithms. CRN networks are supportable with Machine learning algorithms, Classification algorithm, Clustering algorithms and Routing algorithms. In CRN, the Cognitive Radios are classified into two types as Full Cognitive Radios and Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radios. Second type of Cognitive radio is majorly used for designing CRN environments.

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     CRN – Spectrum-Management-Projects for students are experience under Network Simulator 2, Network Simulator 3 and OMNeT++ implementation tools. Students are also offer with services like Conference paper Writing and Publication, International Journal Paper Writing and Publication.


  • An innovative mechanism also for one-bit compressive sensing versus multi-bit compressive sensing for CRNs
  • The novel methodology also for Sparse Multiband Signal Acquisition Receiver with Co-Prime Sampling system
  • An effective mechanism also for Compressive sensing based on energy efficient wideband CRN scheme [CRN – Spectrum-Management-Projects]
  • A novel technique for Full Spectrum Sharing into CRNs to 5G system
  • The modern technology for Efficient Spectrum Availability Information Recovery designed for Wideband DSA Networks by Weighted Compressive Sampling Method
  • An effective performance also for Reconfigurable & Memory-Efficient Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensor intended for CR-WNs
  • An efficient mechanism also for Robust Blind Detection Algorithm meant for CRNs With Correlated Multiple Antennas scheme
  • A designing mechanism for Sub-mW Integrating Mixer SAR Spectrum Sensor intended also for Portable CR Applications
  • An innovative method for CMOS Real-Time Spectrum Sensor based on Phasers designed for Cognitive Radios
  • The novel technology also for Real-Time Adaptively Regularized Compressive Sensing in CRNs
  • An inventive process of Novel PU Sensing Algorithm designed also for Constant Energy Signals system
  • The new methodology also for Spectrum Allocation intended for Noncooperative Radar Coexistence manner
  • An effective performance also for Feasibility of full-duplex dynamic spectrum management aimed at PLC-DSL coexistence
  • An outline mechanism also for Dynamic Spectrum Access based on Hierarchical and Hybrid in Mobility-compatible Database-assisted scheme [CRN – Spectrum-Management-Projects]
  • An innovative performance also for Green TCP Transmission over CRNs