CRN-CSS Projects

     CRN-CSS Projects are perform by our energetic developers using network simulators Ns2, Ns3, OMNeT++, OPNET and QUALNET. Cognitive radios are addressed to improve the spectrum utilization and resolve spectrum scarcity issue. CRN-CSS Projects are enable to assist with many applications. A CRN-CSS project concept from any reputed papers as IEEE, Springer, Wiley library, Elsevier and others can be implemented over any simulation software. Each simulator for CRN-CSS has its own limitations and specifications.

Ns2 specialties for CRN-CSS are:

  • Realistic traffic
  • Network topology
  • Reconfigurable multi-radio multi-channel PHY layer
  • Customizable spectrum parameters

Ns3 specialties to support CRN-CSS are:

  • Spectrum manager –Spectrum sensing, Mobility, Decision and Sharing
  • Adaptable sensing and handoff mechanisms
  • Primary user model
  • Multi-channel and multiple radio devices
  • Enable to integrate with other non-cognitive devices in the network

OMNeT++ specialties for CRN-CSS are:

  • Supportability for new protocol
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Adaptable MAC module
  • Modeling Primary users
  • Cognitive Radio engine module

   CRN-CSS Projects are work out for students of B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech especially students those are interested in networking and communication area. We provide guidance for the chosen project until you appear for your final project submission.

    You can get brief idea on CRN-CSS Projects with the latest topics that have been presented below,

  • An effective mechanism also for Curvature Integration into a 5D Kernel in favor of Extracting Vessel Connections within Retinal Images [CRN-CSS-Projects]
  • An ingenious method of Malicious User Detection Based on Low-Rank Matrix Completion also into Wideband Spectrum Sensing system
  • The competent process of Improving Colorectal Polyp Classification derived from Physical Examination Data also by a set of knowledge Approach system
  • A design mechanism also for Hybrid-Bridge-Based on DAB Converter by Voltage Match Control in favor of Wide Voltage Conversion Gain Application
  • An ingenious method for competence Comparison of Fuel-Cell Hybrid Systems Based on Versatile Buck–Boost Converter
  • The new-fangled method also for multilevel cooperative on-line computing structural design under dispatching cloud system
  • A modern function of Continuous authentication also based on UAV flight command data via behaviometrics scheme
  • An effective Multikernel Simulation also process based on innovative Approach into Study Rollback Sensitive Memory structural plan
  • The fresh mechanism also for Physical layer security into heterogeneous cellular networks by spatio-temporal perspective method
  • An innovative performance for Secrecy analysis of UL transmission also in favor of SWIPT into WSNs by densely clustered eavesdroppers
  • The novel study of Physical layer security into D2D communication system underlying cellular networks
  • A novel technique also for Evolution of typhoon soudelor observed via RADARSAT-2 SAR system
  • An efficient performance also for Potential of WorldView-3 in favor of soil salinity modeling and mapping in an arid environment
  • An innovative system of BRB Model also for Cloud Security-state Prediction based on Large-scale Monitoring Data system [CRN-CSS-Projects]
  • The novel technology of SMAP DATA intended also for cropland soil moisture assessment system