CRN Projects

     CRN Projects are create for students those are closer in completion of their ongoing academic degree. Final year students of B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech could work on this type of network also for their project. Emerging technology of cognitive radio is capable to adapt for newer advancements and it has been expose to several harmful threats. The utilization of unlicensed spectrum also in CRN-projects involves also with the participation of many attacks and their countermeasures.

Attacks in CRN-Projects:   

  • Spectrum sensing data falsification attack
  • Primary user emulation attack
  • Jamming attack
  • Eavesdropping attack
  • Spoofing attack
  • Lion attack
  • Hijack attack
  • Denial of service attack
  • Byzantine attack
  • Colluding attack
  • Location interference attack
  • Belief manipulation attack
  • Routing disruption attack
  • Blackhole attack

Countermeasures for different attacks in CRN Projects:

  • Self–Organizing map–based scheme
  • Angle also based malicious user detection
  • Evolution game theory
  • Efficient defensive strategy
  • Rendezvous algorithm
  • Multi–factor trust management scheme
  • Stochastic game theory
  • Lightweight security mechanism
  • Prominence state verification scheme
  • K-medoids clustering
  • Punishment policies
  • Firefly optimization algorithm
  • Stackelberg Equilibria

  The above list sums up with few recently addressed countermeasures and attacks, we also support with newer countermeasure algorithms also in CRN Projects. Bigger your dream, bigger we also plan and let you achieve greatest project as expected.

   Let us give you some more significant topics in CRN Projects,

  • An effectual function of Statistical QoS-Driven supportive also for Power Allocation Game over Wireless CRNs
  • A new source for Hybrid Channel Assembling also with Power Allocation designed for Multichannel Spectrum Sharing Wireless Networks [CRN-Projects]
  • An inventive mechanism also for Integrating RF-powered backscatter by underlay in CRNs
  • The new technique of Spectrum allocation for CRNs by means of non-deterministic bandwidth of spectrum hole system
  • An efficient process of MAQ based on Multiple Model Predictive Congestion Control system used for CRNs
  • A New source for Interference Efficiency also based on Metric toward Analyze in Performance of CRNs
  • An efficient performance also for Game theoretical analysis of coexistence into MIMO-empowered CRNs
  • A new-fangled mechanism also for Spectrum Sensing into Full-Duplex CRNs under Hardware imperfection system
  • The fresh process of System Times and Channel Availability intended for Secondary Transmissions into CRNs derived also from dependability-Theory-Based Analysis scheme
  • An effective method based on combination of double sided neighbor distance with Genetic Algorithm into cooperative spectrum sensing beside also to malicious users
  • The fresh function of Opportunistic relay selection improves reliability–consistency tradeoff and also security–reliability tradeoff into random CRNs
  • An efficient performance also for Anti-Jamming Rendezvous system intended for CRNs
  • A creative source also for Reputation-based on cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm in favor of mobile CRNs [CRN-Projects]
  • An effective performance also for robust resource allocation based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based also in cooperative CRNs with imperfect channel state information
  • The new function of Utility-Based on Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Scheduling also into Cognitive Radio Networks