CPN Projects

       CPN Projects are plan by expertise developers occupy in the field of networking and communication. This is a special type of network that can used in maximizing Quality of Service by efficient routing. The nodes participating in this network is comprise of three different packets, they are:

Smart packets

  • This type of packet is responsible to detect routes for data transmission. These packets are also known as cognitive packets. These packets are enable to ignore node failure, link breakage, packet drop and congestion.

Dumb packets

  • Dumb packets contains payload which carries the original data that is transmit, this data is temporarily store until the packet is successfully transmit. This type of packet in cognitive packet network is responsible to aggregate timestamps.


  • Acknowledgement is a type of message which is transfer from receiver node to the sender node. This message is sent just to make assurance that the transmit data is receive successfully at the receiver.

    CPN-Projects are support by our well verse developing team; we provide explanations on repute journal papers especially IEEE transaction papers. We assure to provide standard project with original results.

   Some important topics existing in CPN Projects are listed below,

  • On the Use of V2I communications also to improve accurateness of predictable time of arrival into crowded transport environments system
  • An innovative performance also for evaluate ISO 14441 solitude requirements into role based access control (RBAC) restrict mode using Colored Petri Nets (CPN) modeling scheme [CPN-Projects]
  • A competent process of Assessing short-term social media marketing outreach based on healthcare organization also by machine learning system
  • An innovative process of Three-Tier Private Cloud Application Management also System via On-Site Hardware
  • The fresh function of Work-in-progress method to integrating low-power IoT devices with blockchain-based on infrastructure system
  • An efficient usage also for Research on Fast Power Restoration Strategy of Distribution Network Based on MAPSO
  • A novel technique of Output Tracking Control also Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming by Multistep Policy Evaluation
  • A design function of IoT Cloud System intended also for Traffic Monitoring and Vehicular Accidents Prevention also Based on Mobile Sensor Data Processing
  • A competent mechanism for Sum-Rate Optimization intended also for Device-to-Device Communications more than Rayleigh Fading Channel system
  • An inventive process of Distribute Beamforming designed also for Multicell Sparsely-Spread MC-CDMA Downlink system
  • An efficient process of Measurement-Based on Approach also towards Performance Prediction into NoSQL Systems
  • The new-fangled mechanism for Aggregate state control of multi-agent systems also with white noise via networked PI-consensus controllers
  • A modern source function of Network platform also based on program governance intend for E-health service scheme [CPN-Projects]
  • A Designing and execution practice also for an Enhanced VPN Isolation Gateway system
  • An innovative performance also for safety evaluation, Security and privacy of dynamic and static fleets based on drones system