A Method for the Trajectory Privacy Protection Based on the Segmented Fake Trajectory under Road Networks

In recent years, LBS (Location-Based Service)have been widely used. According tithe historical location of user, location service providers may analyze the user’s interests, health and other personal privacy. The traditional k-anonymous protection method for trajectory mainly depends on the European space but not consider the road networks. In this paper, we proposed a method for trajectory privacy protection based on the segmented fake trajectory under road network.

This method generated the fake position for the sampling location of real trajectory in different time, and generated the segmented fake trajectory in different time intervals. For the segmented fake trajectory which satisfied in the demand of privacy, according to the order of time, we connected them to generate the integrated fake trajectory. This method can both ensure the road network L-diversity and trajectory L-diversity. Through the experiment results, we proved that this method have a better effect for the user’s real trajectory protection.