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Robust Resource Optimization for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks with Imperfect CSI

We develop robust resource-allocation schemes for a cognitive radio network (CRN), where the secondary users (SUs) try to communicate with each other from different small cell primary user (PU) networks. User cooperation technique is considered for communication among the SUs since PUs are in close proximity and there are tight interference constraints on the PU […]

Maximum power point tracking for a photovoltaic water pumping system with sliding mode control and fuzzy wavelet networkMaximum power point tracking for a photovoltaic network

This paper presents a maximum power point tracking method (MPPT) that combines fuzzy wavelet network with sliding mode control for a photovoltaic pumping system. For the best use, the photovoltaic (PV) generator must operate at its maximum power point (MPP). SMC uses a high switching gain to cover the neglected uncertainties in the system model. […]