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VoteTrust: Leveraging Friend Invitation Graph to Defend against Social Network Sybils

Online social networks (OSNs) suffer from the creation of fake accounts that introduce fake product reviews, malware and spam. Existing defenses focus on using the social graph structure to isolate fakes. However, our work shows that Sybils could befriend a large number of real users, invalidating the assumption behind social-graph-based detection. In this paper, we […]

Infinite Impulse Response Graph Filters in Wireless Sensor Networks

Many signal processing problems in wireless sensor networks can be solved by graph filtering techniques. Finite impulse response (FIR) graph filters (GFs) have received more attention in the literature because they enable distributed computation by the sensors. However, FIR GFs are limited in their ability to represent the global information of the network. This letter […]

Experimental assessment of GMPLS/PCE-controlled Multi-Flow Optical Transponders in flexgrid networks

We propose and implement required GMPLS/PCE routing and signaling protocol extensions for the configuration/control of MF OTPs. A novel online RSMA algorithm allows experimentally evaluating the automatic provisioning of LSPs including MF OTPs.