WSN with 5G Projects

    WSN with 5G Projects is majorly designed for developing a concept in the field of Internet of Things. Here sensor nodes are defined to be the devices involved in Internet of Things to perform sensing operation. This combination of WSN with 5G is designed with the following entities as sensor nodes, gateway, base station and server (Optional). WSN is a type of network which is enabled to perform communication using access technologies. For the purpose of achieving higher data rates and minimized delay, 5G access technology is used. In 5G the maximum delay is only of few milliseconds, hence this technology is preferred for many networks.

WSN with 5G Projects deal the following concepts,

  • Security
  • Clustering
  • Millimeter Wave Propagation
  • Mitigation of attacks
  • Beamforming
  • Target positioning
  • Health Monitoring system
  • Routing protocols
  • Link localization

  WSN with 5G is designed for supporting many applications over Internet of Things. Internet has become an emerging need among people all over the world, so that this field is mostly preferred by students in recent years. Project is your opportunity to utilize and expose your talents over a particular field.

  Is this your area of interest? Then view all the topics listed for WSN with 5G Projects and select your best topic,

  • An inventive mechanism for Tracking of Mobile Sensors used by Belief Functions into Indoor Wireless Networks system
  • A new methodology function for Quantizer Design based on Generalized Locally Optimum Detectors into Wireless Sensor Networks [WSN-with-5G-Projects]
  • The fresh function of Protocols intended for Wireless Sensors Networks Connected via Radio-Over-Fiber Links system
  • A novel method for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer used for Internet of Things Sensor Networks
  • The new-fangled method for Fragmentation-based on Distributed Control System designed for Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A designing function used for Application of mobile sink into wireless sensor networks scheme
  • A modern Mobility-based Tracking system used by WiFi RSS into Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A new technique for Optimal Information Centric Caching into 5G Device-to-Device Communications system
  • The fresh Agile 5G Scheduler used for Improved E2E Performance and Flexibility meant for Different Network Implementations
  • An inventive mechanism for Self-Adaptive Deep Learning-Based on System intended for Anomaly Detection into 5G Networks
  • The novel methodology for Impact of NOMA based on Network Capacity Dimensioning aimed at 5G HetNets scheme
  • An innovative performance for Dynamic Preamble Subset Allocation meant for RAN Slicing within 5G Networks [WSN-with-5G-Projects]
  • The novel method for Delay Aware Resource Allocation designed for 5G Wireless Networks by Wireless Power Transfer system
  • An inventive practice for Mobile Edge Computing Empowered Energy Efficient Task Offloading in 5G method
  • An effective performance for Edge Computing Aware NOMA intended for 5G Networks system