Software Defined Networking with WiFi Projects

    Software Defined Networking with WiFi Projects are developed for B.Tech / M.Tech final year students those are interested in networking area. At present WiFi network connection is provided by different network providers and the data rate speed varies. This project is assisted by our efficient developing team members over Ns3, OMNeT++ and other wireless simulation tools. The challenges on building Software Defined Networking with WiFi networks are,

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Mobility management
  • Security
  • Virtualization
  • Topology management
  • Load balancing
  • Traffic management

   However the above mentioned challenges are present in Software Defined Networking with WiFi Projects, this integration enhances manageability of WiFi devices. This integrated Software Defined Networking with WiFi Projects are supported for Voice over IP (VoIP), video streaming, conference calls, etc. Implementation of projects are likely performed by us, novel concepts, enhancements are also supported. Struggling to define a novel concept then take a step forward, approach us to find solutions. Never drop your project ideas unless approaching us; everything is possible by our developing team. We are here to support your project until it is completely satisfied with the given requirements.

  To gain more ideas in this area, we have listed with some significant topic that are covered in Software Defined Networking with WiFi Projects,

  • A new technique of Disaster Relief Communication based on Raspberry Pi base Scalable SDN Infrastructure system
  • A fresh technology of Software Defined Network Service Chaining intended for OTT Service Providers in 5G Networks [Software-Defined- Networking-with-WiFi-Projects]
  • An effective usage of ORSIN based on One-Request Scheme for Smart Urban Sensing in Software-Defined IoT Networks
  • A fresh function of Joint Optimization in Software Defined Wireless Networks with Network Coded Opportunistic Routing system
  • A new expertise mechanism for UGS based on User-Centered Scheduling Scheme in Software Defined Network
  • An innovative mechanism for Improving QoS and QoE Through Seamless Handoff in Software-Defined IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks system
  • A novel technique of Software defined wireless sensor networks security challenges
  • A new function of SSED for Servers Under Software-Defined Network Architectures to Eliminate Discovery Messages scheme
  • An effective SDN mechanism based on Machine learning intended for intrusion detection system
  • Design function of Application-aware traffic engineering in software-defined network system
  • A fresh process of forwarding path discovery by software defined networking system
  • A new process of Restricted Boltzmann Machine based on detection system designed for DDoS attack in Software Defined Networks
  • The new source of optimization algorithm for spatial information network self-healing based on software defined network
  • A modern scheme based on Motivation of DDoS Attack-Aware in Software Defined Networking Controller Placement system
  • A new development of Packet Injection Attack and Its Defense in Software-Defined Networks [Software-Defined-Networking-with-WiFi -Projects]