Peer to Peer Network Thesis

    Peer to Peer Network Thesis is one of our incredible service offer for those pursuing their PhD Doctorates. Networking area is globally spread and it produces an impact over real world application, this helps us to create our technical team those are more passionate in this field. To win today’s world, innovations in technology is significant, and our passionate faculties train you with the recent developments to make you familiar in this area. Peer to Peer Network is a wide area which can be focus on user authentication, storing of data, execution of software, resource sharing, sharing of files (Especially Media). Peer to Peer Network is study from past years so our technical teams are more familiar in this area. With this marvelous knowledge we have developed many Peer to Peer Network concepts using different tools.


  • PeerSim
  • RealPeer
  • BemTV
  • PlanetLab
  • Ppsim
  • Network Simulator 3
  • OverSim P2P Simulator
  • SopCast
  • GnutellaSim
  • Peer5
  • OMNeT++

   Our celebrated experts are efficient in different Programming languages, who are ready to work with student’s recommend implementation tool. Thesis writing is a skill those are undoubtedly perform by our train and experience particulars. We also offer other services of Proposal Writing, Paper Writing and Paper Publication.


  • A design and development function of Microserver architecture also with high-speed interconnected network scheme
  • On the use of WiFi tethering also for E-Darwin2 based on smartphone for disaster recovery network scheme [Peer-to-Peer-Network Thesis]
  • A new mechanism also for Secure Non-Consensus Based on Spectrum Sensing in Non-Centralized CRNs
  • An efficient process of PYRAMID based on Probabilistic Content Reconciliation and Prioritization for V2V Communications
  • An innovative performance also for Optimal Transmission Policies meant for Multi-hop Energy Harvesting Systems
  • An original mechanism also for Opportunistic distributed caching aimed at mission-oriented delay-tolerant networks system
  • A ground-breaking mechanism for Potential-Game Based on Optimally Rigid Topology Control in WSNs
  • A design methodology also for SoftBox functions of Low-Latency, Customizable, and Scalable 5G Core Network Structural design system
  • A pioneering function for Distributed Partition Detection With Dynamic Replication Management into a DHT-Based on MANET
  • An efficient mechanism also  for Rising Star Evaluation into Heterogeneous Social Network system
  • An inventive process of D2D Big Data based on Content Deliveries over Wireless Device-to-Device Sharing into Large-Scale Mobile Networks
  • An efficient method also for Secure and Fault-Tolerant Distributed Location Management for Intelligent 5G WNs
  • A new performance also for Observer-Based on Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks (CDNs) Under Actuator Saturation and Probabilistic Faults
  • An effective usage of Identity-based on network security also for commercial blockchain services [Peer-to-Peer-Network-Thesis]
  • The new technology based on Efficient key distribution protocol also for WSNs