IoV Projects

    IoV Projects are present for final year students pursuing Undergraduate degree and Postgraduate degree. Rapid developments in the field of wireless networks, has increased the curiosity among people about the forthcoming advancements. Researchers have extend the applicability of wireless communication over vehicular communication. IoV is a novel architecture design for vehicles communication which is enabled for the following applications,

Safety application:

  • Accident vehicle warning
  • Intersection of vehicles
  • Speeding vehicle alert
  • Emergency services

User application:

  • Weather information
  • Gaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Content fetching
  • Parking zone identification

    These applications under several processes can perform using Network Simulator 3, OMNeT++, QUALNET and more. Many concepts are supported in IoV based on these applications to achieve better performances.

IoV is capable to perform,

  • Data Dissemination
  • Clustering
  • Routing
  • Topology management
  • Video streaming
  • Traffic analysis
  • Vehicle density monitoring
  • Efficient resource maintenance

     Project in this area is mostly attracted by students in recent years due to its adaptability of advanced technologies and mechanisms. Performance of IoV is evaluated in terms of Quality of Service metrics, Quality of Experience, Reliability and Scalability. We additionally support with final project documentation and presentations also. Grasp plenty of knowledge and best quality project at affordable price.

We list out few latest concepts involved for IoV Projects,

  • A design and enlargement based on Reflectionless filters also used for miniaturized space applications system
  • A Review function of State-of-the-Art Localization Methods and also Their Potentials intended for Autonomous Vehicle Uses [IoV-Projects]
  • An effective method for Safe-aaS mechanism based on Decision Virtualization for Effecting Safety-as-a-Service (Safe-aaS) process
  • On the use of Workshop Networks Integration also by Mobile Intelligence into Smart Factories method
  • A design and develop function of Optimal Lightweight Material Selection used also for Automobile Applications Considering Multi-Perspective Indices
  • An efficient performance also for Financial Analysis of Network Upgrade method
  • The new mechanism also for Fog-Based on Crime-Assistance into Smart IoT Transportation System
  • A novel technique also for 3-Dimensional Energy-Harvesting-Aware Routing Scheme used for Space Nanosatellite Networks
  • An efficient performance also for Securing the Connected Car based Security-Enhancement Methodology
  • A new practice for Efficient Content Delivery (ECD) also for Automated Driving Services based an Edge Computing Solution
  • An operative mechanism for Security Solutions also on behalf of Controller Area Network based on Bringing Authentication into In-Vehicle Networks
  • The new practice for Efficient Privacy-preserving Scheme used also for Real-time Location Data into Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
  • A novel technology for Fuzzy based on Channel Selection intended also for Location Oriented Services within Multichannel VCPS Environments [IoV-Projects]
  • The new mechanism also for MVO-based on Two-Dimensional Path Planning Scheme used for Providing QoS into UAV Environment
  • An efficient mechanism also for Imminent Communication Security intended for Smart Communities method