HetNet Projects

     HetNet Projects have work out for the final year students and research scholars revising in networking domain. Heterogeneous network is abbreviated as HetNet that is defined as one of the modernistic communication. The three main achievements of HetNet are coverage, capacity and interference management which has been the major problems in conventional networks.

HetNet Projects are proposed on,

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET)
  • Cellular Network
  • Wireless Mesh Network (WMN)
  • Content-Centric Ad Hoc Network
  • Cognitive Network
  • Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN)
  • Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • Aerial network
  • Marine Vehicular mobile Ad Hoc Network

    Het-Net Projects may also create its impact to resolve real-time data demands, due to the extensive use of smart devices. A HetNet supports all the above mentioned areas that serve different applications. Our energetic team members have undergone learning process in HetNet to gather up-to-date advancements, for creating novel enhancements and solutions in your Het-Net Projects. Our team is capable to provide theoretical and practical explanations to customers for 24//7.

  We have involved in detail study on HetNet and point out all the significant topics that are recently involve in HetNet Projects,

  • A new technique for Coded Caching also with Storage Planning into Heterogeneous Networks system
  • A fresh mechanism for User Scheduling Algorithms intended also for Carrier Aggregation System into Heterogeneous Network [Het-Net- Projects]
  • An efficient function of Removal based ICI and also IBI in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks by Timing Misalignment system
  • The new mechanism also for Energy Beamforming function based on Wireless Power Transfer in MISO Heterogeneous Network by Power Beacon
  • An effective process of limits based on Coexisting Coverage and also Capacity into Multi-RAT Heterogeneous Networks system
  • An efficient mechanism also for Downlink and Uplink Decoupling into Two-Tier Heterogeneous Networks also by Multi- Antenna Base Stations system
  • A new Performance appraisal of Self Backhauled also Small Cell Heterogeneous Networks
  • An effective function of Joint Spectral Efficiency and also Energy Efficiency into FFR based on Wireless Heterogeneous Networks
  • A competent process of Delay tolerant routing protocol used also for heterogeneous marine vehicular mobile ad-hoc network system
  • An inventive function of Heterogeneous network capacity distribution also with service flows method
  • An innovative function of Integrating Multiple Heterogeneous Networks designed also for new LncRNA-disease Association Inference method
  • A pioneering function of Service aware fuzzy logic based on handover decision also into heterogeneous wireless networks system
  • An effectual process of Virtual Soft-Handoff designed also for Cellular Heterogeneous Networks system
  • A new study of Licensed and also Unlicensed Spectrum Allocation into Heterogeneous Networks [Het-Net-Projects]
  • An effective method of Interference-aware User Association in Cell Sleeping used also for Heterogeneous Cloud Cellular Networks