Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis

     Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis is a significant process held at the beginning for the academic completion. LTE with WiFi is perform for video sharing, data transmission and also involved with Internet – of – Things (IoT). The performance of coexistence is analyze by applying on, real – time and non- real time traffic. Voice over IP and File Transfer Protocol has  test in the concept of Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis.

Candidates involving in Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis need to follow the prescribed points,

  • Select a research area
  • Define a particular topic
  • Undergo literature review
  • Predict the problems existing under the topic
  • Identify possible solutions and methodologies
  • Analyze the proposed methodologies
  • Drafting of thesis chapters
  • Plagiarism check
  • Rectification of grammatical errors
  • Proofreading
  • Final copy submission

    We have individual teams for performing each process who has been excelled to study all research areas. A well organized thesis will take you to greater heights and prove yourself as an excellent researcher in that research area. Aim your goal; we make you to reach success.

     We have a list of topics in Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis illustrated in the following,

  • An inventive process of Internet Services based on commencing by Broadband to Ultrabroadband system
  • A new-fangled method for Mobility management also based on SDN-IPv6 Routing Header system
  • An effective process of Learning Mobile Communications Standards throughout Flexible Software Defined Radio Base Stations [Coexistence-of-LTE-with-WiFi-Thesis]
  • On using multiple power band dimensions to sense signals also by partial spectral overlap scheme
  • A new-fangled connection alteration Method to Mitigate SINR Mismatch in Ultra-dense Small Cell LTE Networks
  • An efficient usage of Game Theoretic Distributed Algorithm for FeICIC Optimization into LTE-A HetNets scheme
  • Design and also develop process of Square-shaped slot Microstrip Antenna used for LTE applications
  • A fresh Device-to-Device Discovery Scheme also Based on Random Backoff into LTE-Advanced Networks
  • The innovative method of Analysis also based on LTE and NB-IoT coexistence system
  • An inventive process of Channel occupancy time influence also based on LTE and Wi-Fi in performance coexistence
  • Effective method of LTE based on V2X receiver also to support high speed system
  • An effective process of Channel switching operation also based on LTE-LAA into unlicensed spectrum
  • The new-fangled method based on LTE-M adaptive eNodeB used also for emergency scenarios system
  • An inventive process of Analytical Calculation based on Spectrum Requirements used for LTE-A via Probability Distribution also for Scheduled Resource Blocks [Coexistence-of-LTE-with-WiFi-Thesis]
  • Inventive process of Radio resource management also into LTE femtocell networks scheme